Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Coverage of Wellington's Pay Equity Challenge event

Here's a pic I've snaffled from the Tertiary Education Union's website, and you can see their flickr slideshow from today's demonstration at Parliament here.

They're going to have some video up too.

Red Thinking Hat tipped most gratefully in the direction of Mr D at the TEU who emailed with all this linky lovin'.

I'll add in any more coverage I find as I find it. Feel free to add links in comments until I get sorted!

Update the First: Here's the Council of Trade Union's flickr album from Wellington today (thanks again to the Mysterious Mr D) and some video from NZEI Te Riu Roa, including chanting, part of the speech from Sophia Blair (NZUSA Co-President) and comments from a teacher aide (speech from her going up here later today!) and a community campaigner, both from NZEI Te Riu Roa.

Update the Second: Don't forget the Facebook Group for the Pay Equity Challenge and the CTU's main page on the campaign. I hear rumours of a Day of Action around Pay Equity in late August...

Update the Third: Labour MP Grant Robertson explains how Department of Labour staff were discouraged from attending the rally. Here's a summary of the coverage on the Radio NZ National News from today.

Update the Fourth: NZPA shots (thanks to Anon in comments), and Nikki's own shots and impressions of the rally which she attended. Plus it was on at least 3News last night, I will try to find a link to the video and add it in later today.


Anonymous said...

NZPA has photos - http://nzpaimages.co.nz/events.php?event_id=8249

Stephen Day said...

I'm not that mysterious I hope. I just saw an opportunity to highlight the rally to our many TEU members who are also Hand Mirror readers. Incidentally I finally got our video coverage up this morning. I would love to see some coverage of the Hamilton rally if there is any?

Julie said...

Well no you're not mysterious Stephen, I just wasn't sure if you wanted to be outted! :-)

Stephen Day said...

I just got sent some photos of the Hamilton rally too.