Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Equal opportunity grunters

Thank you very much to reader Tessa for emailing me with this tip, from Joseph Romanos writing on Stuff a while back (my tardiness, not hers):
The women have been letting the side down at the French Open.

Histrionics, inflated egos, poor sportsmanship it's all been there in the women's singles event. And their standard of play has been only ordinary, too.

The men, on the other hand, have been gracious and enjoy their battles.

Portuguese 16-year-old Michelle Larcher de Brito screamed so loud with every stroke (even drop shots) that her second-round opponent Aravane Rezal complained to the umpire.

Larcher de Brito jumped straight onto the attack, telling the umpire that nothing had been done to shut up another screamer, Maria Sharapova, so there was no way she could be silenced.

...The screaming of some women is absurd. It's an indulgence that should be stopped.

But, as with the ridiculous "toilet breaks" the women keep taking when a match is going against them, tennis authorities lack the will to intervene.

Generally, the women are appalling losers.

Venus Williams made a surprise third-round departure and just couldn't give her opponent any credit, complaining rather that the shock of losing the first set 6-0 had thrown her off her stride.

Then there is the absurd fist-pumping that players like defending champion Ana Ivanovic and Sharapova indulge in after every rally every rally, mind you...
Anyone who watches tennis out there? Can you tell me, do men grunt or fist-pump sometimes when they play? My recollection from matches-gone-by is yes to both counts, however I guess maybe that's ok because the problem is not really that tennis players grunt or scream or fist-pump (Wendy Petrie anyone?), but that women tennis players grunt or scream or fist-pump. Not very lady-like girls!


David said...

I've been to the Melborne tennis open a couple of times and watched at the Rod Laver Arena. Yes some of the women "grunt" significantly more than the men. Come to think of it I dont recall the male tennis players "grunting" at all. As for sportmanship that is hard to tell.....However one of the coprpoate events I attended with some of the "star Players" the men were far more friendly than the women, I even talked to Roger Federer & Andrei Agassi! I dont think the women players present would have even talked to the CEO's of the sponsers. On the whole professional sports people (men & women) are self absorbed, self centered and have a ever expanding sense of entitlement.

Random Lurker said...

Mostly irrelevant, but..

"I came across a line in a newspaper that put the semi-final between the English and Australian women teams in perspective. It reminded Charlotte Edwards, the England captain, about her responsibility towards the main cause: a win for England would be vital in boosting the morale of the men's team as they prepare for the Ashes."

Copy and paste from here.