Monday, 6 July 2009

Behind the Scenes winner 2009

And the winner was...

Her World by Fiona Young (embedded after the jump)

This 2 minute clip focuses on the contrast between the two parts of a young woman's life, highlighting that the difference is caused by domestic violence. I thought the shot where she pauses at the door was brilliantly done, very true. As with the runner-up, no violence is portrayed on screen, however this one does have the sounds of fighting which may be triggering for some viewers.

It would be great if the Behind the Scenes competition becomes an annual event. If anyone is interested in helping make this so, particularly in terms of the money-side of things, please do get in touch with the organisers.

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S.L.S said...

Hi there.

As the core writer/director of this short, I'm really glad to see that the initial concept did work well on screen and received the expected perception from many audiences.

Wish the message against domestic violence will get stronger and stronger within our society.

Let us all say no to domestic violence.