Tuesday, 7 July 2009


We seem to have reached a new plateau with June's results very similar to May's, when you take into account the fact May had one more day. Possibly also a result of a bit less posting last month. A lot of the discussion on-blog in June was about pornography, although there were dozens of posts on other issues too.

We completed our Mt Albert by-election candidate survey in June, with responses from all the parties currently in Parliament except National. John Boscawen's confusion over the Child Discipline Referendum question in our survey resulted in quite a lot of coverage on other blogs (and is alluded to in Lyndon Hood's fantastic guide to voting, hat tipped in the direction of Idiot/Savant). The Act candidate's survey response was the sixth most popular post in June.

We also sadly farewelled Deborah, who is continuing to write good stuff at her own place thank goodness!

June 2009:
Posts: 111 (average of 26 per week)

Average of four most commented posts: [45+44+42+35]/4 = 42

Most commented on post: Pornography: fostering and perpetuating demeaning attitudes towards women a rather ahem controversial guest post from Caroline Ferguson. (45 comments)

Also popular in the comment department: Enid's Pr0n Wars part I (35 comments), Deborah's Ground rules in the first, second and third person (42 comments), The ex-expat's Danger pregnant woman alert! (44 comments), Abortion provider murdered also by Deborah (33 comments) and Treat as a criminal by Julie (also 33 comments).

Guest posts: School balls, queer youth and Stonewall: How far have we come? by Louise, Caroline's aforementioned post on pornography, and The Silenced from Anna Ponnampalam. You can see all past guest posts here.

Page loads: 29,994 (1000 a day, slightly down on May)

Biggest day: 10th June (1600 hits)

Unique visitors: 20,603 (687 a day)

These last three sets of stats are all based on Statcounter, and have been for all the previous byte-counting posts. I'll be continuing to report the Statcounter ones because they require less effort on my part. Our Tumeke ranking is based in part on the Extreme Tracking daily uniques figure, which was 515 for April (Statcounter showed 585).

Our Tumeke blog ranking for April: 12th (May not out at the time of posting this)

Top 5 most popular posts in June according to Google Analytics:
  1. Makeover for Dora by the ex-expat (still incredibly popular thanks to the Stroller Derby link)
  2. Pr0n Wars Part I: Teh 4play by Enid which sparked off a flurry of other posts too.
  3. Pornography: fostering and perpetuating demeaning attitudes towards women a rather controversial guest post from Caroline Ferguson.
  4. Another good blog goes down by Anjum, about the break in blogging at Shakesville.
  5. The Silenced a guest post from Anna Ponnampalam about the recent history of Tamil female combatants and the women of Tamil Eelam.

Coming up in July:

* On-blog discussion of the moderation and comment policy of the blog and a few other areas we want some feedback on
* Planning for an Auckland Hand Mixer in August - we are currently looking at possibly Fridays 7th or 14th, any preferences speak now!

Past byte-counts:
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December 2008 stats.
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Thanks once again to you all for helping to make this happen!

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