Thursday, 23 July 2009


The following advertisement aired on Israeli TV:

The following clip was filmed in Palestine:

Fantasy is a strange thing. (via Lenin's Tomb)


Brett Dale said...

First ad was kinda okay, second ad was pretty lame and void of fact.

Maia said...

I think you missed something. The first ad was an advertisment. The second ad was a demonstration of what happened if you actually did what was shown in the first ad.

Lew said...

Tell me, Brett, how does the fictional narrative of the advertisement contain 'fact', while the live, unscripted vérité of the response doesn't?


Brett Dale said...

Because the Israeli's are dealing more with soccer balls coming flying over the fence.

They are dealing with people strapping bombs to themselves.

But in the world of the left, there is only one bad guy.

Anonymous said...

Brett, nobody straps bombs to themselves in Palestine, it isn't done anymore.

Lew said...

Brett, that doesn't answer the question - all it does its point out that you're not responding to the footage in question, just to what you fantasise that you know about the situation.

The point made in the juxtaposition of the two clips is that what people fantasise bears very little resemblance to reality.

Thanks for reiterating that so clearly.