Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Craccum goes Gender

You may recall something of a furore at the University of Auckland last semester over issue 12 of Craccum, with it's all-pr0n-all-the-time theme. Students expressed their concerns via the Media Complaints Tribunal and they got a great outcome, including an issue to be guest co-editored by the Women's Rights Officer and all about gender issues. And they're opening it up for content from all over the show, as long as you get it in by thisFriday (10th July).

Below is the message from the editors outlining the haps:
Greets all,

Hope this email finds you studying feverishly, or whatever. We don’t have exams. Haha.

So, semester two! As a result of the media complaints tribunal process (which was itself a result of the various contentious images and articles in issue 12) the first Craccum back after the break is going to have the theme of Gender. Caroline Fergusson, AUSA’s Women’s Rights Officer, will also be guest-starring as co-editor for the issue. We’re gonna be working with her to make sure this is the best darned gender-themed issue Craccum has ever produced. If you have a new or fresh approach to issues of gender (it’s a big umbrella, I know. Think: feminism, queer theory…basically anything to do with men, and women, and people who don’t identify with either label. Broad enough?). If you'd like, you can email contributions directly to Caroline at women@auckland.ac.nz.

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