Thursday, 13 August 2009

And in breaking news...

Widex has bowed to the pressure and decided to withdraw their sexist advertising campaign!

Here's a message from Leonie:
Please report on The Hand Mirror that the campaign that Stop Demand and
Auckland Women's Centre has been running against the Widex billboards has
been successful!

We are delighted that Widex have stated today that they are withdrawing the
billboards people took offence to.

This is proof that collaboration and organising brings results. Thanks to
everyone who assisted this campaign.
Big congrats to Stop Demand and the Auckland Women's Centre for coordinating the response. And kudos to Widex for taking the billboards down.


Trouble said...

I saw another dumb one today with the other kind of sexism - "men don't listen but it's nice to know they can now". Marginally more relevant to the product but still trading on stupid stereotypes. Well, I guess it got them the attention they wanted.

Julie said...

That's the frustrating thing about this stuff - the whole "any publicity is good publicity" problem. How do we reject something (and I think Boobs on Bikes might be another example) without just getting it more attention in a way that the promoters were hoping for anyway?

Julie said...

Trouble I've since seen the one you mean, they've used to it to replace the one on the corner of Bond/Sandringham/New North Rds. I almost wonder if this was part of the plan all along - put up stuff that's sexist and gratuitously objectifying towards women then when there's a negative response replace it with sexist crap against men.

Well I guess that I'll never buy a hearing aid from Widex!