Friday, 18 September 2009

Pay Equity Schmequity

Thought this might be relevant in light of today's Pay Equi-Tea at Parliament to present the 15,000+ petition collected by Sue Moroney which we were pushing a couple of months back.

Sweeping brimmed purple felt hat, with a green feather, tipped to Elsewoman, who found it in Craccum and shared it with us all.

And there's more info on the Pay Equity Challenge, and of course the issue at hand, at the Council of Trade Unions site.

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AnneE said...

From Elsewoman: Thanks so much for the Hat Award! (I should have worn it to the Equi-tea). In fact it was the onto-it Donna Wynd of Child Poverty Action group who passed this on to me. Has anyone else read the incredible column by Chris Trotter in the Dom Post today (18 Sept)? I'm about to post on Elsewoman about it - the poor chap obviously cannot cope with the fact that the blokes no longer have the left entirely to themselves (not that they ever did).