Friday, 18 September 2009

Quick hit: Doesn't just sound sexist, Viva

From the Viva section in Wednesday's Herald:
Do you secretly long to appear in the social pages? [ah, no] Do you dream of having your photograph and name included with all the usual A-list types in the Sunday papers? [hmmm, if you put it that way... still no] Well, by following these six simple steps we reckon you can improve your chances of being successfully snapped tenfold. [oh goodie! Not]

1. Presentation
It goes without saying that smart clothes, glossy hair, some makeup and a bit of bling are pretty much party essentials. But a few cunning tricks will help keep you ahead of the pack. Plenty of bare skin is always a winner, so try to have a decent amount on show. Now, we're not specifically talking cleavage although that clearly never goes amiss [not even in a society which devoted column inches to the PM wearing trousers to meet the Queen]. Bare shoulders, bare arms, bare anything, in fact, are more visually interesting than bodies shrouded in light-absorbing black jackets...

...4. Partner
Leave the husband at home [gosh I'm glad you added that or I never would have thought that the intended audience of this article was hetero-females-only! /sarcasm] and take a girlfriend instead. It may sound sexist but two (or more) women wearing colour and showing skin will always look more attractive on the society pages than a dime-a-dozen conventional couple - one of whom will be in a predictable corporate suit.
Click through for the whole thing, if you can be bothered.


Boganette said...

Well if "smart clothes, glossy hair, some makeup and a bit of bling are pretty much party essentials" I'm fucked.

A Nonny Moose said...

My my...was that the esteemed Herald, or Woman's Daze?

Scraping the bottom of teh barrel - let me show u it.

Julie said...

Also, Editing Teh Herald got here first :