Tuesday, 1 September 2009

zeal dispute settled

earlier in the year, julie covered the employment dispute involving zeal 320, a company owned 80% by air nz:

Zeal 320's workforce of cabin crew is mainly composed of women, and they're paid significantly less than their colleagues doing the same work at Air NZ. Plus Air NZ is being pretty blatant about using strike breakers to undermine the union members.

the good news is that this year-long dispute has now been settled:

The 15 month deal achieves a number of substantial improvements including a 3.95% pay increase, a 6.7% increase in a tour of duty allowance after 12 months, introduction of a new guaranteed allowance of either $149 or $186 a fortnight based on last year's value of an at-risk bonus scheme, a $1000 up-front payment and the addition of a number of non-financial clauses.


"One of the key aspects of this deal is that we have ongoing worker/management groups to address several issues and we are looking to these groups to help build a cooperative relationship with Zeal and its parent airline over the next fifteen months....

nice to see a win for these workers, resulting from some great work by the EPMU.

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