Monday, 12 October 2009

Quick hit: Gee, why doesn't Lagerfeld just tell us what he really thinks?

Via the Herald:
German designer Karl Lagerfeld has waded into the debate on too-thin models, telling a German publication that no one wants to look at chubby women on the runway.

His comments come a week after popular German women's magazine Brigitte announced it would no longer use professional models for its photo shoots.

"Fat mummies sit there in front of the television with their chip packets and say skinny models are ugly," Lagerfeld told Focus magazine in an interview published yesterday.

The world of beautiful clothes was ultimately about "dreams and illusions", he added, and no one really wanted to see overweight women.
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I guess I'm confused about what Mr Lagerfeld considers "overweight."

Also I prefer popcorn to chips, but otherwise, yep I'm all about the sitting in front of telly calling skinny people ugly. It's my preferred leisure activity. /sarcasm


A Nonny Moose said...

Chubby? How about just some fucking NORMAL women?

What a douchenozzle. If he thinks your average woman is "chubby" then I guess his glasses are giving that Ralph Lauren photoshop affect to every woman he sees.

I NEVER buy label wear. The "High St" clothing I do buy comes from designers who create for ALL women, including us "normal" gals (and there are some).

Anonymous said...

Well he has a point, who wants to look at chubby women? Not that Im into super skinny women but too much weight is very unattractive.

homepaddock said...

"dreams and illusions", - whose?

Being too skinny to be healthy as many models seem to be would be a nightmare.

Grace Dalley said...

Women, like men, come in all shapes and sizes. I'd love to see that diversity reflected in the fashion world. Beauty takes so many forms.

Craig Ranapia said...

The most delicious irony is that Lagerfeld is the head designer of Chanel -- the house that Coco built on the intuition that women didn't want to asphyxiate themselves in corsets and look like walking meringues.

Ninety years ago, the CW was that she'd go out of business inside a year because who wanted to wear -- let alone be seen with someone in -- shapeless "masculine" clothes? Quite a few, one would think. Chanel became arguably the most influential fashion designer of the 20th century, because she understood that women -- and the world they lived in -- was changing fundamentally. Karl? No so much...