Monday, 12 October 2009

Stops Cut to ACC Funding - action stations!

Click here for the Stop Cuts blog and over here for the No to ACC blog.

Click here for the Facebook group.

And keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming event - plans are underway for a national day of action on the issue on the 19th of October, in at least Dunedin, Auckland and Wellington.

Plus for those in the Queen City there is an information and campaign stall at 281 Karangahape Rd today, where you can sign a petition to oppose the cuts. As of right now almost 3500 people have signed already.

Well done to all those people involved in organising this stuff. It's important, and worthwhile, and I hope the campaign succeeds.


George said...

Firstly, I'm appalled as anyone that this campaign has to happen. Sensitive claims funding is incredibly important in helping recovery. The alternative is awful.

It is important that politically this campaign is directed at the minister. The Government are trying to discredit ACC, and remove all services from public provision. The current system has faults, but if ACC is removed in favour of private insurers, the situation will get even worse. Smith is playing a game here, and he has to be outplayed.

Anonymous said...

Attempting to absolve the last government of guilt is even worse ya know. Labour ran ACC into the ground. As a GP I am constantly being pressured to "break" rules or bend them for patients.

National, (and I am not a National voter) have to do something as ignoring the abuse will cripple it. What do you suggest?