Thursday, 26 November 2009

What's wrong with TVNZ?

Tonight's news on TVNZ featured this morning's Breakfast programme, on whcih four former newsreaders appeared: Dougal Stevenson, Lindsay Perigo, David Beatson and - Jennie Goodwin. There was an interview with the three chaps, but Goodwin didn't appear, except for a tiny clip at the end which didn't involve any actual interview.

I was really annoyed by this, because of the four, Goodwin has the best claim to significance. When she started reading the news in 1975, she was the first woman in the Commonwealth to front the national news bulletin on prime time television. Angela D'Audney (who was in my class at intermediate) was the first female TV newsreader, but appeared at first only on regional TV.

Of course TVNZ knew about this historic first, and had been featuring it in promo articles. So why didn't it tell the reporters doing the item? Or maybe it did, but they just didn't bother to do anything with it because, in the immortal words of a former head of programming, "women aren't interesting"?


gingercrush said...

In fairness she was featured heavily on yesterdays bulletin.

Eric Olthwaite said...

Maybe she had to go somewhere?