Thursday, 26 November 2009

Why we won't be naming the entertainer with a penchant for sexual assault

Bomber asked in a thread about something else entirely if we would be breaching the name suppression order and naming the entertainer.

In a word: Nope.

We've discussed it by email and determined that it just isn't worth it. The legal realities of what might happen are a little uncertain, to my mind, as this site is hosted via Blogspot and thus I think it is outside NZ legal jurisdiction. But I don't want to test that. Especially as three of us, myself included, post under our real names, and we have plenty of other more worthwhile things to be doing with our time than dealing with any difficulties that could arise for us personally if we did name him.

Frankly I agree with an Anon, who said:
Please don't! If anybody wants to find out who he is they can just google it. You'll get his name in 2 seconds flat. I get that people are pissed about him getting name suppression - I am too - but it's not worth getting this site shut down.
See it is worth keeping Anon comments! (Especially from someone who says nice things about us too :-) )

If Bomber, or any other blogger, chooses to name the entertainer on their site that's their perogative. It would certainly be interesting to see what would happen next!


Big News said...

it is irrelevant that your site is hosted outside NZ if your audience is primarily a NZ one. you can stil breach suppression.

Julie said...

Thanks Dave it wasn't that I thought we wouldn't be breaching the order, it was more about whether it could be enforced. Ie the site taken down by the court contacting Blogger/Google or whatever.

Principessa said...

I've googled a number of different terms and it doesn't seem to come up easily. Googling it in 2 seconds hasn't worked for me. What did come up however- was a whole range of different entertainers names and speculation.

In one of the discussions I read someone made the point- they disclosed the Lion Man's name in his case didn't they? Is there a difference?

What happened to the ladies who handed out flyers about the extra details related to the offenders in Louise Nicholas' case?

Principessa said...

Scrap not being able to find it. My partner just told me who it is.

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