Thursday, 4 March 2010

Another IWD event

Here's another International Women's Day event, to add to these ones I mentioned earlier in the week:

Auckland - Lunch with Kiribati community leader - 12.30pm - 2pm, on 8th March, AUSA Executive Chambers, 4 Alfred St, University of Auckland's city campus. Organised by AUSA with Oxfam on Campus and The Campus Feminist Collective. Facebook event listing, RSVP by 5th March please. Message from organisers:
Pelenise Alofa Pilitati is a respected community leader in Kiribati, one of the Pacific nations most threatened by climate change. Pelenise lives with daily awareness of the effects of climate change. As Chairperson of the Church Education Director's Association in Kiribati (CEDAK) she is acutely aware of the impact climate change is having on the future prospects and outlook of young people.

Recently Pelenise was at the Copenhagen climate change summit in December 2009 where she was one of four climate witnesses at an Oxfam International Climate Hearing hosted by Desmond Tutu and Mary Robinson.

The event will also feature Yvonne Underhill- Sem (Director of the Centre for Development Studies) and Anita Lacey (Lecturer in Political Studies)
Anymore events, please let us know :-)


Nikki said...

Alfred or Albert? According to google maps, Alfred is in Onehunga???

Nikki said...

P.S. AUSA's website is terribly unhelpful at informing one where their freaking offices are. Finally found it.