Thursday, 25 March 2010

For and against Future Focus's welfare changes

I thought it might be interesting to reflect on who is supporting and who is opposing Paula Bennett's welfare reform package announced this week.

I've had my rant about Future Focus already (although that doesn't mean I won't do another one!), and it's pretty predictable that the blogosphere division on the matter reflects possies on the political spectrum with left-of-centre bloggers agin and right-of-centre bloggers pro. Meanwhile, out there in the real world, the breakdown looks something like this:

Opposing National's welfare changes:
The Greens
The Maori Party* (? Have only seen this comment, no media statement)
Wellington People's Centre,
NZ Council of Christian Social Services,
Salvation Army,
National Collective of Independent Women's Refuges,
Every Child Counts,
The Attorney-General's report on the Bill itself*
The Alliance,
NZ Council of Trade Unions

Expressing concern:
United Future*

Supporting National's welfare changes:
The actual Government* (via the PM)
Auckland Chamber of Commerce
The Kiwi Party

And of course the Libertarianz don't think the changes go far enough.

Thanks to Scoop's handy summary of the media statement's they've received on the topic. I couldn't find anything from Act or the Progressives, so if anyone else has seen anything please let me know and I'll add it in.

You'll notice there are no organisations who actually work with beneficiaries who have been supportive of the reforms. A bit like how there weren't many agencies focused on children's welfare in favour of smacking. You may also note the *s, which are afixed to parts of the Government, and there's only one of those in the Supporting column...

Finally, I recommend Idiot/Savant's succint and spot on post about why these changes are a stupid idea.


Flynn the Cat said...

A choice comment from the Herald:

"Social Development Minister Paula Bennett admits that part of her welfare reforms breach the Bill of Rights Act but says it would not bother most people."

Giarne said...

Paula Bennett went onto say: . "I think that is a discrimination that most New Zealanders will see as being fair and reasonable."

Isn't fair & reasonable discrimination the biggest oxymoron ever! I can't believe it, well, I can in a way, the Nats are horrid but honestly - why didn't the media challenge her on this!!!