Thursday, 25 March 2010

giving it a miss

i saw the trailer for the next movie instalment of the twilight series the other day. it's called eclipse, and i'm not going to link to it - you can go and search you-tube or one of the twilight fan sites.

i've read all the books, and i've seen the two movies that have come out so far. but the third book is the most disturbing for me (although the others aren't all that wonderful either). in eclipse, our heroine (of sorts - she doesn't do anything heroic until the end of the fourth and final book) is basically stalked by a young man (jacob) who loves her and thinks that he is better for her than her current boyfriend. and is sure that she loves him (ie jacob) but just doesn't know it yet.

and so you have dialogue in the film trailer that goes along the lines of "i'm going to fight for you til your last breath" coming from jacob, while bella (our "heroine") looks down in distress. i just found this sickening when i watched it. in the book it's worse - he forces her to kiss him in what is basically an assault (and her father laughs when he hears about this, because he prefers jacob to the boyfriend), and in a later scene threatens to commit suicide if she doesn't kiss him.

it's classic stalker behaviour, dressed and presented as romantic and supposedly sweet. and of course, in the book, somehow it's all bella's fault because she has apparently been leading jacob on and sending out the wrong signals. never once do we hear jacob talk about or think about what bella might want, or acknowledge the fact that she might know what she wants better than he does.

sick, sick, sick. needless to say, i won't be going to watch eclipse. i don't think i could stand it.

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