Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Graduate Gender Pay Gap

Organised by the NZ Federation of Graduate Women

When: 6pm - 7.30pm, Tuesday 16th March

What: Panel Discussion - on The Graduate Gender Pay Gap

Where: Lecture theatre 1, Rutherford House, Victoria University Pipitea Campus, Bunny St, Wellington

Chaired by Professor Margaret Clark, panel includes Sarah Turner (Ministry of Women's Affairs), Peter Cullen (employment lawyer), Rebecca Matthews (Pay & Employment Equity Coalition), Phillipa Reed (EEO Trust).

This is an open meeting for all who are interested in this issue. Light refreshments served from 5.30pm.


Brenda said...

Gotta love kiwiblog's conclusion. Paraphrased to "Gender discrimination is stupid, therefore it can't be the reason for the pay gap".


well, thank goodness for that!

Julie said...

Thanks Brenda, I saw that too and had started a post on it earlier this morning which I've just finished and posted now :-)