Thursday, 17 June 2010

bloody sunday

in commemoration of those who died or were injured, and in recognition of an apology long overdue.

of course there was a large element of political theatrics involved in the apology. especially for mr cameron, who no doubt wanted his kevin-rudd-type moment. but i don't care what his motivations, i'm just glad this happened. and hoping for a very long period of peace and prosperity for ireland.


Anonymous said...

"This is not a rebel song" - Bono, Red Rocks, 1983

Hugh said...

Godamnit, it anon-d me again!

stargazer said...

well this is interesting hugh. you diss us over at kiwipolitico & tell the world that you don't comment here anymore. and then your comments pop up all over the place.

and no, i don't see it as a rebel song either. not by a long shot.

Hugh said...

Well, I didn't mean to say I'd completely abandoned THM, Stargazer, just that I'm a lot more wary of commenting now than I once was.