Thursday, 17 June 2010

20/20 story on domestic violence tonight

Tonight (Thursday) at 9.30pm on TV2 (straight after Go Girls) 20/20's feature story is about domestic violence, here's the blurb:
Close to home
They're so common that sometimes they don't even hit the headlines, but why is murdering a loved one simply seen as a fact of life in New Zealand? It sounds incredible that in this country, you're actually safer on the street than you are in your own home. But last year 41 New Zealanders were killed by a member of their own family - and for every Kiwi who dies hundreds more are physically, sexually and emotionally abused.

In an extraordinary first 20/20's Sonya Wilson went out on patrol with the cops trying to keep the peace in our homes - and brings you the incredible stories of the ordinary horror going on in your street every night. And the family of a woman killed by her former partner in an attack a judge labelled one of this country's worst homicides speak out with a story they say that we all need to hear.
Thanks to Leonie at the Auckland Women's Centre for the tip off.

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stargazer said...

just watched it, that was so sad. not really able to say much more at the moment.