Wednesday, 16 June 2010

World Cup - it's not just the ball that gets kicked


When the telly is showing All White Winston Reid's last-minute goal against Slovakia for the 326th time, even though it didn't even win the match for NZ, it would be a good idea to have a look at this post about the marked increase in domestic violence during the World Cup. Here's part of it:
"England's Home Office has warned that during the 2006 World Cup, domestic violence increased by 25% on game days and 30% when England was eliminated from the competition. The problem is troubling enough that the Association of Chief Police Officers, with the hopes of discouraging incidents, has created a video showing a drunk man hitting his wife after England has presumably lost a game. The ACPO has also been using a blood-stained soccer jersey labeled "Strikeher" to encourage women to report attacks.

Meanwhile, a professor at the University of Royal Holloway London is urging women to have a plan in place in case their partner becomes violent during the World Cup. She tells women to let their children sleep somewhere else, to know where their car keys are, to have the cell phone ready to call police."

This is probably not a news item coming soon to a screen near you. But the organisers of the Rugby World Cup should take note and work out how they plan to "discourage incidents" here too. I suppose it would be seen as outrageous to urge that a portion of all ticket sales be given to Women's Refuge.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to derail. This little piece made me feel sick:

Apparently it's not sexist, it's just a bit of fun!

Sarah said... again, see the player's comments at the bottom - added to end the article with a bit of a "harr, harr" (spew):

nz native said...

The connection between large sports events and violence is the sponsers products ...........

Doug myers recived a knighthood for his 'support of sport'

All the sisters have got to suck it up and take one for Sir Doug.

........ at least I think thats what the message from the govt was.

P.s the Govt has got plans for the world cup.

They have introduced rules to make it easier to sell as much piss as the Sir Dougs can pump out.

Some men are looking to make money and that is what its all about ..............