Monday, 19 July 2010

children's crusade

this song is one my favourite ever, although i had listened to it for years and had forgotten what it was called. but thanx youtube! i've put in a version below that just had the lyrics. there's another version on youtube here, which is quite powerful but extremely graphic in its depiction of violence so i didn't think it was appropriate to put up here. on the other hand, we are so often presented sanitised pictures of the reality of war, and what we find difficult to look at, well just imagine how that feels to the people who have to experience it. in any case, if you have the stomach for it, go look at the other version, because it also has some useful information amongst the images. and if you don't, maybe listen to the version below and take a moment to think about the most innocent casualties of wars around the world.

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Julie said...

A gentle reminder, please keep to topic. This blog discusses many issues, not just rape and abortion which seem to currently be attracting a lot of nasty comments from people who don't like women very much. I have a delete button and I know how to use it.