Monday, 19 July 2010

Getting it right at Granny Herald

After all the nasty columns and talkback radio sessions suggesting that any girl who got drunk in the company of All Blacks deserved to be raped (seriously, All Blacks management... do you think you might want to do something about that meme?), it was fantastic to see two columnists in the Herald arguing exactly the opposite.

John Roughan: Lousy lovers let the side down
As one "red blooded male" to another, let's see if I can persuade Andy Haden, Murray Deaker, Garth George, Michael Laws and possibly many others of my gender why it is fairly reprehensible to have sex with a comatose woman.

Deborah Coddington: True gender equality still a mirage in modern day NZ
I'd really like to know what sort of man gets his pleasure from having sex with a comatose girl. If he's that desperate, why not just go to the nearest abattoir and take a carcass off the chain? ... If you encounter anyone drunk, legless and comatose you should help them, ensure they are safe, not have sex with them.

Yes, I know the column uses "having sex", not "rape". It would be interesting to know whether Deborah Coddington thinks that having sex with someone who is comatose constitutes rape, but I'm guessing that there are legal issues with respect to the words that she is able to use in her newspaper column.

Thanks to my sister-in-law Trina for letting me know about Deborah Coddington's column.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you're correct, we can't use "rape" in a printed column unless someone has been convicted of rape in the legal sense. Bloggers get away with more than msm.

ScubaNurse said...

I loved Johns artical, some depressing comments to follow though. Did anyone notice the police comment on missing person Carmen Thomas? Sat herald front page. My man tried to hide the paper from me to avoid a saturday morning rant!!

ScubaNurse said...

oops that was my artical not the heralds.