Monday, 4 October 2010

awards for feminist geographers

spotted in a small paragraph in a sidebar on page A9 of saturday's waikato times:

Waikato University feminist geographers have been presented with achievement awards from the National Geographical Society. Author of the book "Place, Space and Sex: Geographies of Sexualities", Robyn Longhurst won the Distinguished Geography Gold Medal for ourstanding and sustained contribution and service to geography. Lynda Johnston received a Distinguished Service Award for her significant contribution to New Zealand geography and its community over the last five years.

and here is the uni of waikato press release on scoop:

The Geographical Society’s Executive Manager June Logie says it’s great to see them rewarded for many years of strategic and important work. “They are significant feminist New Zealand geographers who’ve made enormous contributions in their area of research. Their work has received much acknowledgement here and overseas and it’s great to see them.”

congratulations to these two, good to their work being recognised. just wish it could be recognised more widely in the MSM.


Jeremy said...

Also, Sara Kindon from the School of Geography, Environment and Earth Sciences received a Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award from Ako Aotearoa. One of Sara's research interests is feminist geographies.

Jeremy said...

Sorry, Sara is at Victoria University. Link to the award recipients is here: