Sunday, 3 October 2010

No More Jumping Through Hoops: Abortion Rights Demo

We've talked a lot on this blog about the problems of abortion laws in New Zealand. If you live in Wellington, you can do something about it this Tuesday.

5 October · 12:30 - 13:30
Outside Court of Appeal (Corner of Aitken & Molesworth Streets)

Right to Life is taking the Abortion Supervisory Committee to court, to try and further restrict women's access to abortion in New Zealand (I'm going to try and get to at least some of the court case, so I'll try and provide a summary soon).

Our current law requires women to jump through many hoops before they can get access to abortion. Join the demo to demand that the current law is repealed, rather than interpreted more conservatively.

All welcome - bring your friends (If you're on facebook, you can invite your friends here)


AnneE said...

Thanks for this - will do my best to be there.

Katie said...

Good to see these events happening around the country, but when will there be one in Auckland? (Preferably on a weekend so us working ladies can attand!)

Shona said...

Living in a rural area in the Far North precludes my participation at any of these rallies. I could get to Auckland on a weekend however.
How dare they try to restrict and remove such hard won rights.
Sneaky and underhand.

Boganette said...

Great turn out! Here are some photos:

Typically TVNZ used a photo of a foetus sucking its thumb with their story

I thought there were around 80-90 protesters not 50. But I came just before 1PM. Andy Moore's quotes are good. They show him up as the hysterical, unstable person that he is.

Maia said...

It was an awesome day - I'll try and do a write up tonight.

Boganette - it was significantly more than 50 - I did a brief head count and a third of hte demo was 50 at quarter to one, and it grew from there. I would say it was somewhere between 150-250 probably nearer 150 (and I've been counting Wellington demos for years).

Journalists can't count or estimate crowds apparently.

Boganette said...

That's what I thought too Maia. It's a shame that wasn't reflected in the article. But I think the photos at least showed that there were a heap of people there.