Friday, 5 November 2010

on the impact of victim impact statements

if you haven't already, please read this. i'd suggest that you read the preceding post & comments before you come to it. i found that i had agreed with mr edward's position in the first post, that sentencing should not be impacted by the wishes of the victim, as this creates an unfair situation. having read the second post, i retain that view. but what mr woods has to say is so extremely powerful, and deserves a much wider hearing. it's not often we get to hear such an in-depth and moving alternative to the narratives promoted by the sensible sentencing trust - one that is honest and thoughtful.

i can imagine how difficult it must have been for mr woods to put down his thoughts in this way, and agree to them being shared. keeping that in mind, i'm also not allowing comments here. i'd rather people read mr wood's words & reflected on them.