Wednesday, 5 January 2011

NZ women writing blogs

We try to maintain a blog roll of New Zealand women and women in New Zealand writing blogs, which you can check out in the side bar. If you've started a blog recently, or a long time ago, or sometime in between, and you would like to be in the blog roll, leave a comment, and I'll add you to the roll. Any type of blog is welcome - feminist, political, craft, mummy, life, cooking, books, gardening, academic, writing, fashion, fitness, all or none of the above.

On that note, may I introduce Anna Caro's new blog - Anna Caro - which she started on New Years Day.


Caitlin said...

Hi - I've got 3 blogs, one political, one fashion and one about the perils of working in bookshops. I'm a big fan of the Hand Mirror and it'd be great to get a spot on your blogroll :)


Sarah Robot said...

Hi! I recently started a blog on reading/writing/studying/anything else that comes to mind. I've been linked to The Hand Mirror a few times now and finally added it to my blog roll. I'd love to be added :)

anna caro said...

Thanks for the link :)

Another new one (not mine) is

Tui said...

Dammit, Anna beat me to Hazel's!

I'm writing at these days and managing, a blog about an illustrated history published last year. Also my best friend has a very funny expat blog,

Pamela Gordon said...

Hi there, I don't think you have a link to my blog about caring for Janet Frame's estate - 'An Angel @ My Blog":

Even though many things have changed for women in literature, (and it was the paths that brave pioneers like Janet Frame helped to cut, that have made it easier for younger NZ writers), there is still a deep vein of misogyny in NZ Literature. If you need evidence just look at the recently uploaded bio of Janet Frame on New Zealand's "official" encyclopedia, Te Ara. It's patronising, it belittles Frame, it defines her by the males in her life, and was written by a self-proclaimed "masculinist" academic that Frame despised for decades because of the incorrectness of his biographical speculations about her. When Frame wrote her own autobiography to "set the record straight", Patrick Evans launched into a campaign to discredit Frame and to question her credibility, culminating in the recent novel he has written in which he hijacks her identity. He claims the novel is "about" Frame, but he changes many of the historical facts, so that he can characterise her as (among other things) odd, elusive and deceitful (he has to distort the facts to create this impression). His Te Ara bio is heavily biased towards this view also. What I find depressing is that there are women who are promoting and praising both the Te Ara bio and the novel, even though Frame died only 7 years ago and deserves a more respectful treatment as a human being, than to be co-opted by and redefined by masculinists to suit their academic theories. What ever happened to feminism?

Deborah said...

Many thanks, Caitlin, Sarah, Anna, Tui and Pamela. I've added the blogs you have suggested to the blog roll.

Ally said...

I would love to be on the blog roll!

Deborah said...


Rachel McAlpine said...

Here are another couple of blogs for The Hand Mirror to consider.

Enjoy! and best wishes.
Rachel McAlpine

cecilia g said...

HI, i am New Zealand writer who lives and works on the plains of Illinois,US. With my husband I am creating a small sustainable NZ farm out here in the middle of an industrial cornfield and writing about it. I grow and cook all my own food the NZ way. I wonder if your readers would be interested in popping in to see how NZ women manage away from home.. many thanks.. cecilia

Rachel McAlpine said...

Hi Cecilia! I'm looking for a link to your blog—? I'd like to read it.

Meantime I forgot to tell you all about my number one blog:

It could be handy, because it's all about writing for the Web.


waterymoon said...

Hi there

I'm a Pacific writer and have just started a fiction blog with an educational twist (I have a teaching background)I'd like to be added

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I have a blog aimed at New Zealand women:

Mariana Collette