Wednesday, 5 January 2011

women in haiti

while we're all (hopefully) enjoying our holidays, i thought i'd share this video clip posted on facebook by helen clark, about women in haiti:

below is the description that goes with the video (not a transcript, though the clip is subtitled).

Prior to the January 12th earthquake, Haitian women were already suffering from severe inequalities: in income, access to basic services and political participation. But the disaster further exacerbated womens needs and injustices. The challenge now is to spearhead women in the recovery process, building a new country where women and men share equal rights and opportunities. Empowering women is crucial to shape the countrys future.

Today, over 40 per cent of families are single headed; the majority is lead by women. Around 40 per cent of people currently employed by the cash-for-work programme are women. The initiative helps jumpstart the local economy, providing short-term jobs to Haitians to clear rubble and rehabilitate essential social infrastructures, such as street repairs and electricity. It injects urgently needed cash in the economy, accelerating the resumption of small businesses and trade.

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