Saturday, 8 January 2011

Some excellent reading

Some of us are still on holiday, some of us are heading back to work, some of us are child-wrangling until school starts up again, some of us are caring for partners and parents and babies and pre-schoolers, some of us are doing a mixture of all these things. Whatever you may be doing, if you have time for a break, here's some good reading.

First up, the 32nd Down Under Feminists Carnival, put together by Profligate Promiscuous Strumpet. Great work, thank you PPS. For anyone who is interested in why Profligate Promiscuous Strumpet is so called, check out her post, "Why Profligate Promiscuous Strumpet?"

Sandra has written an excellent series of posts on the Julian Assange affair. I recommend them.

Julian Assange and Michael Moore

Julian Assange and John Pilger

Julian Assange and Naomi Wolf