Friday, 7 January 2011

Friday Feminist - Fiona Kidman

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I once sat in a room full of aspiring women writers and listened to an academic poet from Auckland University tell us how to write. He placed his hands on the table in front of him and intoned: 'Lady writers, eh? A nice little hobby. Now would you like to hear what real writers do?'

So there it was. Men's work was real, women's a hobby.

Fiona Kidman, "A New Breed of Women," in Sue Kedgley and Mary Varnham (eds), Heading Nowhere in a Navy Blue Suit, Daphne Brasell Associates Press: Wellington, 1993, pp. 132 - 146

Later in the essay Fiona Kidman says that this happened when she was 24. That places the event in the mid 1960s.


Scuba Nurse said...

WOW! that is depressing.
happy new year.

Pamela Gordon said...

Fiona Kidman is one of my heroes. She is a wonderful writer and a fearless supporter of women's rights.