Monday, 25 April 2011

ANZAC Day Lady Blogging Roundup 2011

In both 2008 and 2009 we put together roundups of NZ women blogging on theme of ANZAC Day on April 25th.  Let's give it a go again this year, in the interest, once again, of promoting the perspectives of women in the NZ blogosphere.

In order of being found - with new links to be added in later in the day:

Remember - ANZAC Day 2011 by Dzeni - interesting graphic created from fatalities lists
"War Brides" by Denny - considering the women who crossed the world after WWII, having married NZ servicemen
Your sons are our sons - Homepaddock shares Ataturk's words.
The poppy:  a symbol of life and death by Clare Curran - reflecting on her own changed attitude to ANZAC Day and Stephen Mulqueen's brass poppy artwork.

New at 11.30am:

Living and learning by Homepaddock - a quote on the experience of living at Gallipoli in WWI
They also served by Homepaddock - remembering the service of women too
For God, Queen and Country.  Or how we kill, torture and contaminate for Gold, oil and drugs by travellerev - expressing some cynicism, I think it's fair to say, about John Key's recent discovery of an ANZAC connection
Of poppies and pride by Julie - what's inside her (my) head during ANZAC ceremonies.

New on Tuesday:

on not commemorating anzac day by anjum - expressing her worries about the current shape of the day
Nostalgia about war is the luxury of those unaffected by war by Annanonymous -  standing in reflection rather than nostalgia
Tuesday Poem - A Gal of the Streets, G A Studdert Kennedy - Janis shares a poem that looks at the effects on both those who go and those who are left behind
The Waiareka Warriors - Homepaddock highlights a relevant book
Tuesday Poem for Anzac Day - Eliot's The Hollow Men - Mary McCullum has a video version of the poem plus some comments
War and Peace: an ANZAC Day memory - Pamela Gordon provides a timely excerpt from Janet Frame


Please add any posts we've not yet put into the post in comments and we'll slot them in as time allows through the day and on Tuesday.


Janis said...

I posted a poem by GA Studdert Kennedy "A Gal of the Streets" for Anzac Day. Studdert Kennedy was a padre in the first World War, a poet and (later) a pacifist.

Anonymous said...
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stargazer said...

anon, please use a handle as requested in the paragraphs above the comment box.