Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Feministy wondrousness at The Lady Garden

Major Excitement News:  A new feminist team blog featuring some of my favourite NZ women bloggers has launched this fine evening at The Lady Garden.

There will be Emma Hart of Up Front fame, Tallulah Spankhead of Strongly Wrong, Coley Tangerina of her own eponymous tumblr, and of course the wonderful, lovely, smart and witty Deborah of A Bee of a Certain Age and formerly of our own fair blog.  All purveyors of fine bloggy goods who I look forward to seeing more from.

I've knicked the accompanying pic from their blog because it was the garb I could least imagine any of them gardening in, or indeed wearing to anything whatsoever.  Although I haven't actually met Tallulah or Emma, but it seemed a pretty safe guess ;-)

Wander on over and visit, and rather than commenting here on their wondrousness, I'd encourage you to leave your welcome note on their welcome post.