Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Kate is out at UOA

Kate is the annual women's magazine at the University of Auckland, and it came out on Monday this week.  If you haven't got a copy yet, and you're on campus, I suggest you head up to Womenspace and ask the fine people there for a squizz.  I'm reliably told there's a copy in the post to me, hurrah!

The pic illustrating this post is on the cover, big thanks to boundmaus for sending it, for her hard work on getting the magazine out, and for the artist info below:
Sarah Caldwell-Watson was born in Wellington and raised mostly in Auckland. Her love of art was strongly influenced by her artist mother Clare Caldwell and surrounding creative family. During her B.A in Anthropology and Sociology she took a year off to go live and work in Tanzania East Africa where she taught art and rekindled her love of fine arts. After returning she has since studied design at Unitec and been involved in four public exhibitions including her two solo shows at Letham Gallery and Te Karanga Gallery. Currently Sarah is working in Auckland and is aiming to grow and expand her arts practise within New Zealand.

Painting title: Heads or Tails

This painting is an adaptation of Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus' which represents the pagan goddess of love Aphrodite. This image drew my attention as it brings up questions surrounding women's role in the world and the sexualiation of female bodies. Within our "liberated" society today can a woman be sexually liberated without discrimination as well as intellectually liberated? Or are we as women forced to chose between 'heads or tails?'.
Big ups to everyone involved - many moons ago I helped put together a one-off student mag and it's a huge commitment, so well done!


Rageaholic said...

I would love to read this, but am not affiliated with, or near, the university. Is there anyway I can access it - online perhaps?

Cactus Kate said...

Did you name it after me?

Mouse said...

I will try and get the PDF's and post them online for people to read! We have already run out of hard copies!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to go slightly OT, but just wanted to say I loved the pic. A few years ago, wifey bought me a Valentine's Day present of a tie - with a sort of print of Botticelli's Venus.

She bought it as sort of a joke. She didn't quite realise that I would wear it to work.

I even had one complaint about it.

Argued it was no worse than my "creation of Adam" tie where Adam's genitals are displayed. :-)