Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Guest blogging from Luddite Journo ahead!

A big welcome to Luddite Journo, who has agreed to do some guest blogging here over the next little while. 

I've long been an admirer of LuddsyJ's clear way of writing about feminist issues, particularly around violence against women, and how she manages to make points that can be quite challenging (to me anyway) in a way that prompts reflection.

Really looking forward to seeing what you write in this space, and the discussions that shall ensue.


Scuba Nurse said...

How the hell had I missed LJ?
Now I have a weeks worth of reading to do, there is some great stuff over there.
My mindfood mag continues to be ignored for kiwi women bloggers thanks to all the linky love at THM.

Boganette said...

As a huge Luddite Journo fan I am stoked about this!