Monday, 27 June 2011

Questioning? New group through Akl Women's Centre

Thanks to Leonie at AWC for sending this through :-)

Questioning? This group fills a gap in the current offerings of social support provided to the lesbian, bisexual, queer women’s community. At present there is no where that operates as an open age, safe space to discuss and ask questions about same sex attraction.

Starting Monday July 4th, 7pm-9pm

Topics covered will include:
  • Stereotypes/labels
  • Gender
  • Telling friends and family
  • Out at work?
  • Finding community
  • Dating
  • Sex

Questioning will run over 7 weeks as a facilitated support group. The 3 facilitators, Ellie Lim (Auckland Women’s Centre), Cissy Rock (Low down) and Vicky Wood (independent) will steer the sessions, using a mix of exercises, discussion topics and post-boxing. The format will be mostly participant directed and resources will be distributed over the course of the 7 weeks.

If you have clients, friends or loved ones who could benefit from attending Questioning? please ask them to register their interest with Ellie on 09 376 3227 before the group starts.


Scar said...

Do you know whether or not the accept bisexual/lesbian/queer/questioning trans women?

Julie said...

Not sure Scar, I was wondering that as I read it. I would err on the side of thinking as it doesn't specifically mention trans that maybe not. I imagine some of the skills and knowledge needed might be different to facilitate that? Will ask and find out and report back here.

Scar said...

I'll also give them a call (when I'm home from work) and enquire about whether or not they are trans-inclusive.
If you report back first, then obviously I won't need to :-)

I don't think any special skills or knowledge are needed to be inclusive of bi/lesbian/queer/question women who happen to also be trans. If the group is solely about sexual orientation, then the trans stuff should be irrelevant.
But some women's groups just don't want trans women in them, for cissexist reasons. I'm hoping this isn't one of those groups, but I'm not holding my breath.

Julie said...

The answer I've had is an emphatic yes to including trans women :-)

Scar said...

This pleases me immensely! :-D