Sunday, 26 June 2011

SlutWalking in Auckland in June

Here are my photos from yesterday, in Auckland. I'm not sure if people would like to be named or not (except Cathy) so I haven't shared any of the names I do know - if you want to out yourself in comments feel free, but please don't out others.

It was a really good march, and I was heartened to see that so much of the anger and determination is still there from an International Women's Day march against rape that I went on about four years ago.  That event was a chance to express the rage many felt at the acquittal of some policemen accused of rape earlier in the week. 

This was not an easy event for many to attend.  Protests of this nature never are.  I want to acknowledge that  - some of those who came were probably uncomfortable and it was a great struggle to even make it along.  Others couldn't come for the same reasons. 

Ultimately whether or not you attended a SlutWalk yesterday doesn't matter.  What matters is that you reject rape, reject the myth that those raped are to blame for the assault, and challenge rape culture when you come across it and have the spoons to do so. 

Here are my photos:

Gathering at the start at QE2 Square, great speeches, especially Chloe King who was incredible.
Some awesome people with awesome placards, listening to the awesome speakers at QE2.
One of many great, colourful placards
Walking up Queen St.  "Sexual Assault is the Rapist's Fault" was one of the chants.

More fab placards, at the rear of the march.

The front of the march, as we got further up Queen St.  What you can't see is all the photographers & TV cameras swarming around behind me and up on the pavement getting shots.
Auckland Councillor Cathy Casey took her dogs for a SlutWalk.

I think this is my favourite shot of my ones; feminists and allies in action!

True dat.


padgp said...

Awesome photos! Feelin' the love 10 fold with this post :)
Thanks also for putting a post up so we could all share our experiences. Two very large and very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Daisychain said...

I see the old "rape is about power..." myth is still being offered up ...oh dear.

Anonymous said...

Daisychain may I ask what do you think rape is about then?