Saturday, 25 June 2011

SlutWalk sharing

ETA: Updated this morning (Monday) to include more links, in the sections with purple headings :-)  I'm also slotting in new blog stuff as I stumble across it.

A post giving people a chance to chat about their experiences at SlutWalk in Akl and Wellington, and maybe share links to photos. media coverage etc too :-)

Big ups to the Auckland organisers, really good job.  I hope to put some of my pics up in a separate post later Sunday night.

Linky love for SlutWalk:
Gigantic SlutWalk Auckland 2011 Post at Because Feminism.
Photos of Auckland SlutWalk, 25 June at Auckland Photo Blog
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Slutwalk Aotearoa in Wellington, a review at
Wellington Aotearoa Slutwalk 25/6/11 at Sexshitandrocknroll's Blog (where I found some of these links)
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New linky love for Slutwalk:
Walking at The Lady Garden
Me (in a sea of people) at La Vita e Bella
Rape: A Local Problem by Gong Foam as a Facebook note
SlutWalking in Auckland in June at The Hand Mirror
Slutwalkin' at Crevice Canyon 
A slutwalk addendum at Good Gravey! 
Slutwalk - Perspectives and Apologies as an Organiser at La Vita e Bella (one of the Wellington organisers responds to issues raised in the comments to this post)
Slutwalk, Wellington at Life is a feminist issue

Media coverage:
SlutWalks brave cold to get message across - TVNZ
Slutwalkers 'tired of bodies being a battleground' - 3News
Hundreds of Kiwis protest in SlutWalk - Stuff (v good video on this link I thought)

New media coverage:
I understand The Listener this week will be featuring a major story on SlutWalk.  Nothing about it that I could see on their website just yet.
Hundreds turn out for Auckland's Slutwalk - Te Waha Nui (includes video)
Radio NZ bulletin on the Slutwalks including JoHubris' comments

Photo Albums 
Auckland SlutWalk shots on Imgur by an unknown photographer
Nikki's Auckland photos on flickr
Auckland pics on Facebook:  album by Jia Luo, album by Richard Symons Makeup + Photography, album by Nykie Grove-Eades, album by Showgirls,
Wellington shots on Facebook: album by Mike Bryant, album by Andrea Skews, album by the Greens, album by Jason Mann Photography.

Let me know if you find anything I've missed, has been a frantic weekend so this is pretty patchy!


Autumn said...

I went to the Wellington Slutwalk and thought it was great. Heaps more people than I expected! Made some new friends, saw some fab signs, and really regretted not bringing my camera. Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for the speeches, but I'd love to hear how they went.

Stuff have posted an article that isn't terrible, and a video of the event as well:

James said...

I found the transgendered woman's (I'm sorry I didn't catch her name :-( )speech incredibly moving/inspiring.

A lot of what she (and others) said was really difficult (that is, uncomfortable) to listen to, but I think it was really good (as in, challenging) for guys like me who don't have to deal with this kind of stuff. I think more people need to be challenged by these kind of issues, and more regularly.

Good work organisers; really glad I attended :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey James, her name was Brooklynne and I agree her speech was *so* powerful. I also think the bit where Jan (the woman from the Greens) talked about her friend putting her hand on her rapist's chest and saying that he could have her pain because it belonged to him was incredible.

I thought it was a fantastic day. So awesome to see such a diverse mix of people, including GORGEOUS costumes (my favourite were the ladies in period costume) and heaps of kiddies.

Katherine said...

I'm really glad I went. Thanks everyone I spoke to for being super friendly :D

I liked that the 3news segment included a supportive quote from one of the police officers.

bettyl said...

I don't read a lot of news but I would think I would have heard the Slut Walk mentioned before now. But alas, no. Thanks for posting about it. I think it's a wonderful idea.

Manda said...

I found it interesting that in the stuff video, they put Jeannies's name in quotation marks and didn't with anyone else featured. Transphobia anyone?

I went to Wellington Slutwalk. 'twas a good turnout and great weather. Couldn't hear any of the speakers though.

I was really annoyed that the route for the walk involved climbing loads of steps. Totally ableist, not inclusive or helpful for those of us with strollers, or mobility challenges. It would have been simple to slightly change the route and ensure it was accessible to everyone so very disappointing to see it wasn't considered.

Not A Feminist said...

"very disappointing to see it wasn't considered."

I was also quite concerned about all the stairs as well. Unless we were on the organising committee, it's not really fair to say something wasn't considered. It could be that it was very considered - ie, maybe there are things the council requires and this was the way with the least steps, for example. I agree that it should have been considered, but you know, maybe it was.

Anonymous said...

Hi Manda,

I was also concerned by the route, but I wouldn't be so quick to call the organisers abelist. I think that they got shafted by the council a bit and this was the only 'approved' route they could take. Notice that the route didn't expose us to many people? Or stop any traffic?

And then when we arrived at civic square there was another event running so we had to squeeze ourselves at the top of the stairs and that was certainly not the plan I'd read on the Facebook page. If we'd been down in the main part then people with access issues could have crossed under the bridge and met us there. I think it was all quite shit of the WCC and I'm considering writing them a letter about hiding us away and double booking civic square.

Maia said...

I'm going to touch on this more fully in my demo report. But there was a more accessible route over the city to sea bridge - it's just that the march didn't take that route (and the last bit of the route was blocked by some sort of council works). The march as a whole could have gone round the steps and up the ramps on the left, as I did because I was with people with buggies.

I think I may have organised a march that went unnecessarily down steps (I'd have to retrace it to be sure). So I understand how it can be done, but I don't think whatever WCC did absolves the organisers of their responsibility.

My understanding of council policy is that it won't grant permission to use the streets for political purposes, but acknowledges that people will march without permission.

I think slutwalk overall was excellent. But the route is one of the biggest decisions the organisers of any demo make, and they are responsible for it. If the council puts restrictions they decide how to respond and whether to follow.

Foggy in Nelson said...

Hey everyone there is a poll over on asking "Are women subjecting themselves to rape by how they dress?"

The yes vote is currently winning. Frrrrruuustrating!

Please go vote and spread the word.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linky love, Julie.

I can't add much more than my post.

Coley - Jan's story also had me in tears. Just such an amazingly powerful use of positive power.

I wondered about the route as well. It definitely seemed to keep us away from the public gaze. But as we passed over the little bridge along the waterfront there was one woman and her ?husband? applauding as we walked past. Very heart-warming.

I was running late for the march, so late I initially thought I'd just wait at Civic Square, and it was then that I saw the Chinese festival was on. Unfortunately I presumed that the Council had informed the march organisers of this.

padgp said...

Tena koutou, a comment from the organizers.

I tried to copy and paste it all here but apparently

"Your HTML cannot be accepted:
Must be at most 4,096 characters"

I have posted a response and a extend a really deep and sincere apology for organisation that was less than perfect, made people feel hidden and excluded.

Please contact me if you have any other concerns/questions. I will follow every single one of them up and will use the feedback I am given to make it even better and more inclusive for next year.

Joanna said...

This was the Radio NZ piece from the news bulletin: