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A Woman's Place - United Future 2011

United Future, like NZ First, does exist beyond it's well known leader.  Here's some proof. 

Historical representation of women:
United Future have had 9 people make it to Parliament of whom 2 have been female (22%).  However one of those women, Kelly Chal was never actually sworn in as an MP as it turned out she was ineligible to stand for election due to her immigration status.  Thus they've actually had 1 female MP out of 8 total (12.5%).

United Future did have equal representation in the 2005 term, as a result of having 2 MPs - Peter Dunne and Judy Turner.  The latter is the only woman on United Future's board presently, and has a long history in leadership roles within the party. 

2008 United Future Party List:
Women represented across the whole party list:  5 out of 22 (23%)

Current representation of women:
None; only one MP who is male.  I think the current president is Judy Turner, open to confirmation/correction in comments. 

2011 United Future Party List:

Women represented across the whole list: 2 out of 17 (12%).
Top 5 - None 0/5 = 0%
Top 10 - One (Vanessa Roberts at 7) 1/10 = 10%
Top 17 - Two (As for Top 10 plus Diane Brown at 14) 2/17 = 12%

The List ends at 17 on the Electoral Commission list (and at 15 on the United Future website). 

Likely future representation of women:
At the current time it seems most likely that Peter Dunne will return alone, if he returns at all.  Even if he did win Ohariu and bring in a friend, it's men all the way down to number 7.

Other observations on candidate diversity:
As with most of the other parties so far, the list looks pretty Pakeha.  Two candidates of colour stand out - Singaporean-born Muslim at 4 Sultan Eusoff and a man I'm pretty sure is Fijian Indian, Ram Parkash, at 9. 

As always, open to further intell in comments, thanks.


United Future's list on their website (note Electoral Commission list shows Johnny Miller at 16 and Ian Camden Gaskin at 17).
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