Saturday, 2 February 2013

Event: Sevens Safer Space

Need a space to chill out during the Sevens weekend in Central Wellington? Having problems with noise, drama or harassment? Want a friendly, safer space to hang during your night out on the town?

Come along to Glover Park (on Ghuznee and Garret St), where we will be holding a chill out zone for those seeking some peace and quiet during the busiest weekend in Wellington. There will be music, games, refreshments, zine-making and all around good times!

Please note: This is designed to be a queer/trans*/women/child friendly, accessible space. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other forms of oppression will not be tolerated. We ask that all those using the zone respect the guidelines, and make it welcoming for those in need. 

Today (Saturday) 15:00 until 22:00, Glover Park, Wellington. The space will be in a wheelchair accessible section of the park.


K said...

Excellent idea!

Acid Queen said...

Anthea, will you be involved in handling this space?

Because if you are, based on your views as expressed here, I can't regard it as safe

anthea said...

Acid Queen - the space was yesterday, and I had a small role in the planning stages but nothing beyond that.
I don't know what, specifically, you are referring to, but I don't consider myself (individually or as part of a group) capable of making a safe space, hence the 'r'.