Friday, 9 January 2009

Teaspoon time

Given this little piece of joy, and this one, I think it's time for a teaspoon fightback. The idea behind teaspons - there's an ocean of sexism and misogyny out there, and if you think about it all at once, then it is just too frightening. But instead of focusing on the big, daunting task, let's just start, one teaspoon at a time, emptying out that ocean.

Today's teaspoon moment - cast a vote for feminist blogs in the 2008 Weblog awards. There's no category for feminist blogs, but there are some great feminist blogs in various categories. So, go cast a vote!

This listing of feminist blogs comes courtesy of Blue Milk. I'm following her rcommendations (with the odd added value comment here and there).

The nominees are...

Shakesville for Best Liberal Blog
My favourite feminist blog, after The Hand Mirror, of course. Founder Liss came up with the teaspoon metaphor.

The Dawn Chorus for Best Australia or New Zealand blog
A somewhat misnamed category, given that there are no NZ blogs in it (as in none, zippo, zilch from NZ), but even so, I'm still keen to support The Dawn Chorus.

Bitch PhD for Best Very Large Blog
Pandagon is in this category too, but I have issues with Pandagon. They were also vicious about Hillary Clinton in the primaries (c/f Shakesville, who ran a Clinton-sexism watch, and an Obama-scary-black-dude-racism watch, and even a Palin-sexism watch, not because they supported Palin, but because that's what feminists do i.e. support other women who are being attacked because they are women).

Hoyden about Town for Best Midsize blog
Also my favourite feminist blog, after The Hand Mirror. HaT is a seriously good blog, full of life and energy and commitment to living feminism. Also, it's the home of the fabulous Down Under Feminists Carnival, which we will be hosting here at The Hand Mirror in February.

Looky, Daddy! for Best parenting blog
A feminst parenting blog, written by a daddy. It's a great blog.

Pick up your teaspoons and vote! You get to vote once a day until Tuesday next week. So vote early, vote often, and vote feminist.


Julie said...

Thanks for the nice teaspoon Deborah, I note that BitchPhD and Pandagon are polling about the same at the moment, and are both way ahead of the third placer so far.

Brian said...

Thanks for the nod, Deborah. I find myself delightfully taken aback to be called a feminist daddy blogger, because all this time I just thought I was an informed and reasonably intelligent daddy blogger.

Unless, of course, those things are the same thing.

lauredhel said...

Thanks Deborah!