Sunday, 1 February 2009


Despite the natural lull in January it's actually been a pretty big month for us:

January 2009:
Posts: 91 (average of 21 a week)

Comments: 859 (average of four most commented posts: [57+46+52+27]/4 = 46)

Most commented on post: Anjum's post on sexist jokes has garnered fifty seven comments as I write (it is still growing, and is our most commented on post to date), then Anna's piece on who chooses what is best for kids, in regard to the nature of their schooling (52 comments). Honourable mention to Fair game?, Anna's post on the treatment of two Israelis by an Invercargill cafe owner (46 comments).

Guest posts: We've got quite a few invites outstanding, but none published in January.

Page loads: 14,797 (477 a day)

Biggest day: 19th January, 748 page loads

Unique visitors: 9147 (295 a day)

Cheers everyone, what a great start to the new year!

January 2009 stats.
December 2008 stats.
November 2008 stats.

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