Thursday, 5 March 2009

Women's bodies as novelty gifts II: Getting you, er, up in the morning

Last year Ezibuy had a Christmas present for the man who has everything - a pole dancing figurine which you plugged into your USB port and she twirled faster the faster you typed.

This year Jaycar brings us a Pole Dancer Alarm Clock:

The pole dancer is back! This little lady will make you wake up with a pole - in more ways than one. When the alarm goes, your personal pole-dancer goes into her routine, complete with light show and oh so funky music. A bit of wholesome entertainment for the man who has everything.

• Requires 3 x AAA batteries
• Backlit LCD
• Snooze function
• Dimensions: 120(W) x 200(H) x 100(D)mm

These are their words, in the online listing for the product, with my emphasis added. You cannot make this sh*t up.

I can't help wondering; what happens when you hit snooze?

Spotted in the Jaycar catalogue which came with yesterday morning's Herald, where the wording is somewhat tamer:
The pole dancer is back! When the alarm goes, your personal pole-dancer goes into her routine, complete with light show and fucky music.
And I should note the price is much higher in the catalogue than online.


Giovanni said...

The gift idea at the very top is brilliant though. Tidying productivity with arousal (orgasmic capitalism?) is obviously the work of an evil genius.

Julie said...

No pron for the 2 finger typists!

Giovanni said...

Could conceivably lead to one-hand typing though.

Julie said...

No you d-id-n't! (Yes you d-id!)


Paul said...

Making a gift of the alarm clock is a way of telling someone that you know he sleeps alone.

Lisette said...

I laughed so so so hard when I saw that. I actually considered it for my Dads birthday present as we have an unofficial tacky present competition going on.
Winner? Absolutely!

Julie said...

Do I know your Dad Lisette? If so I could tease him about that mercilessly next time I see him ;-)

Julie said...

I should just clarify that I do indeed know Lisette, and her father, and I could totally tease him about this without an excess of awkwardness. Just in case anyone thought I was starting to stalk people who comment.