Sunday, 15 May 2011

Introducing ScubaNurse

Hi there hand mirror readers,

In the same vein as Anthea and LudditeJourno, I will step up and introduce myself.
For those of you who have read me over in my own space you already know I am passionate about human rights, effective holistic healthcare, morals without an imaginary friend required, and living a life without fear.
There is plenty of ranting over there, so for THIS intro I’m going to go a little more random.

Random skills of which I am proud: I make kick ass balloon animals and used to be able to roll a kayak without a paddle.

Stuff of which I am less proud: I drink diet coke straight out of the bottle to save having to wash a glass and I used to sing along to the album “hotcakes” on LP when I was 7.*

The best thing I can cook: I make a lovely dish with chicken and parmesan - it smells like vomit and tastes like heaven.

Best reason for taking a day off work: I chipped my knee cap sliding down a marble ramp in a mall while in a wetsuit.

Best day at work: Barring Mandy Moore from backstage when acting as a bouncer, because I
A) Didn’t recognise her and
B) didn’t realise she was with Zack Braff and not just a rabid fan-girl.

Aspirations in life: I want to buy a house big enough that I can purchase a toaster.

I hope this gives you a bit of and insight and a good laugh. Now we know each other, call me Scube'.

*10 points to anyone who can name the artist without google-fu needed.


Melimalle said...

I'd ban her too if she had a look like that on her face! Nice to meet you!

Scuba Nurse said...

Ha! she was blonde and vacant at that point in time. She looked a lot like all the other girls hanging around!

Deborah said...

I chipped my knee cap sliding down a marble ramp in a mall while in a wetsuit.

Okay.... I'm wildly impressed by this, as I am by your blogging. I'm delighted that you will be blogging at THM.

Scuba Nurse said...

I was also making a seal noise while I did it.
Dignity... Something I never had.

Country Lane said...

Carly Simon - "Mockingbird" and all that. Nothing wrong with singing along to there?

Sandra said...

You're blogging here now?! What wonderful news. I'm an admirer of your writing on your own blog and you gutsyness.

Boganette said...

Great to see you posting here Scube!

Amanda said...

Ya Scube! \o/

Scuba Nurse said...

Thanks everyone for the support, it is so lovely to hear from you lovely supportive creatures.
And Congrats CL- you win!!