Wednesday, 10 June 2009


May was surprisingly big, even though it was rather a rough month here. We've had a lot of hits coming through from a big Mommy blog in the US (Stroller Derby) specifically to some of the stuff about Dora's makeover. How this came about I don't know, and whether this represents a new lift in readership either remains to be seen. Clicks from that source seemed to be dropping away but have now resurged. The interwab is frequently a mystery to me.

May 2009:
Posts: 138 (average of 31 per week)

Average of four most commented posts: [37+46+41+33]/4 = 39

Most commented on post: kiss pay equity goodbye by stargazer (46 comments)

Also popular in the comment department: Just in case anyone was wondering by Julie (37 comments largely about Christine Rankin having lunch with Roger Douglas), Too much of a good thing? by Anna (41 comments mostly about a breastfeeding poster), When women hide behind their children on Facebook by katy (34 comments), Debunking common excuses for rape by the ex-expat (32 comments, this has also got a lot of links from the broader Feminist BlogWorld) and Treat as a criminal on the Child Discpline Referendum by Julie (33 comments).

Guest posts: Just the one in May; Trans 101 - or how I came to celebrate sex/gender diversity, by reader Louise. This has been very popular and I heartily recommend anyone who missed it when it was first published go and check it out now.

Page loads: 33,814 (1091 a day)

Biggest day: 15th May (1657 hits) . We also had seventeen other days where hits cracked the 1000 mark, up from eight total in April.

Unique visitors: 21,897 (706 a day)

These last three sets of stats are all based on Statcounter, and have been for all the previous byte-counting posts. I'll be continuing to report the Statcounter ones because they require less effort on my part. Our Tumeke ranking is based in part on the Extreme Tracking daily uniques figure, which was 515 for April (Statcounter showed 556).

Our Tumeke blog ranking for April: 12th (down one from March, as expected. We are now consistently in the top 20.)

Top 5 most popular posts in May according to Google Analytics:
  1. Lose the language. Now. by Deborah (Blogging Against Disabilism Day)
  2. Makeover for Dora by the ex-expat (written last year!)
  3. TVNZ's response to the complaints about Paul Henry's behaviour towards Stephanie Mills by Julie
  4. It's not 'group sex' it's gang rape by the ex-expat
  5. Debunking common excuses for rape by the ex-expat

Coming up in June:

* The completion of our Mt Albert by-election candidate survey
* No doubt more stuff around the child discipline referendum and pay equity activities
* Discussion around a second Auckland Hand Mixer in July or August? What say you?

Past byte-counts:
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Thanks to everyone for keeping on with our keeping on :-)

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